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Koolen Electric Oven With Grill 2000 Watt 60 Liter Black 802104003

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402.50 SAR 460 SAR
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Koolen Electric Oven with Grill is the perfect addition to your kitchen, it helps you cook many foods, and it is equipped with a special grill for chicken and fish, and it comes with a capacity of 60 liters and works with a power of 2000 watts.

The Koolen Electric Oven with Grill is equipped with a 60-minute timer and a food readiness buzzer, as well as an on/off indicator, and is made of high-quality metal.


• Helps to cook many foods.

• Equipped with a grill.

• Capacity of 60 liters.

• Power of 2000 watts.

• 60 minute timer.

• A bell to indicate the readiness of the food.

• Indicator for on and off work.

• Made of high quality metal.


• Brand: Colin.

• black color.

• Model No. 802104003

• Power in watts: 2000 watts.

402.50 SAR 460 SAR
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