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Nikai window air conditioner 18 thousand cold cooling units

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Nikai Window AC provides a conducive and comfortable environment in your home. The pleated filter of the window air conditioning unit ensures efficient and environmentally friendly cooling. The Nikai NWAC18056C5 Window Air Conditioners with Six Stars are aesthetically designed and packed with powerful features that can instantly cool a large room. It has a cooling capacity of 17,060 BTU and consumes 230 Volts of energy while working. This air conditioner has a weight of 53 kg and its elegant design can be easily installed without much effort. This AC Windows consumes less power and runs silently. It provides fresh and cool air all day long, effectively reaching every corner of the room. Equipped with a tropical compressor, this window air conditioner from Nikai ensures efficient cooling in the least amount of time. The dimensions of the conditioner are 740 x 770 x 512 mm.

big radiator

LG Split Air Conditioner adapts to more than 20,800 BTU and can easily cool a room over 1,000 square feet. It has an orbital compressor that delivers extremely powerful performance and efficient cooling even in extremely hot conditions. This compressor provides stable operation even at a maximum temperature of 52 ° C.

Goldfine Technology

This Nikai window conditioner has a special gold fin technology that has an anti-corrosion gold coating that is applied to the condenser. This capacitor helps withstand the effects of salty air, rain, and other corrosive elements that can damage the AC. In addition, it also allows contaminated water to run on the coil more quickly, thus reducing the destructive effect on the coil.

1,049 SAR 1,380 SAR
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